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The Side B Podcast is a story-driven, conversational podcast that helps listeners understand why people dismiss or believe in God and Christianity. Interviewing one former atheist each show, host Jana Harmon encourages both Christians and skeptics to consider what motivates thoughtful, intelligent people to move from disbelief to belief.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. KGB Agent Finds God - Jack Barsky's story

    Raised in a godless communistic world, former KGB agent and undercover spy Jack Barsky found God when he was least expecting it.  To learn more about Jack and his story, visit: Or read Jack's book Deep Undercover: My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances as ...


  2. "Spiritual, Not Religious" Meets Jesus - Mary Poplin's story

    University professor Dr. Mary Poplin was "spiritual, not religious" and sampled many ideologies until a vivid dream made the Jesus of Christianity undeniable to her. Listen as Mary tells her story.     Mary is ...


  3. God Isn't Relevant - Daniel Rodger's story

    Many people presume there is no God because that's all they've known. The question of God seemed irrelevant. In today's episode Daniel Rodger tells his story of moving from a culturally-informed atheism to an unwavering belief in God who completely transformed his life.   Learn more about Daniel and Critical Witness: Critical ...


  4. Jewish Atheist Meets Jesus - Nikki Naparst's story

    A Jewish atheist, Nikki wanted nothing to do with Jesus until an unexpected spiritual experience caused her to question all she believed as real and true.       Follow The Side B Instagram: @thesidebpodcast Twitter: @thesidebpodcast Facebook: ...


  5. From a Godless World - Stuart McAllister's story

    Former atheist Stuart moved from a world without God to one where God changed his whole world. Stuart's new book, Faith that Lasts: A Father and Son on Cultivating Lifelong Belief, is co-authored with his son, Cameron. They reconsider each myth in the light of the Christian faith and their own experiences. ...