Disproving God - Ben Clifton's Story

Disproving God - Ben Clifton's Story
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Disproving God - Ben Clifton's Story

Feb 17 2023 | 01:07:34

Episode 0 February 17, 2023 01:07:34

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Jana Harmon

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Former atheist Ben Clifton thought religious belief was for the weak-minded, for those who didn’t believe in science.  His caricatures of Christianity began to break down as he encountered authentic, intelligent Christians who challenged him to consider the reality of God. Ben’s Resources: www.apologeticsonmission.org Resources recommended by Roger: Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis Fingerprints of God, Hugh Ross, https://reasons.org William Lane Craig, Reasonable Faith, https://www.reasonablefaith.org Biola University, Masters in Apologetics program, https://www.biola.edu/degrees/g/christian-apologetics-ma Tactics, Greg Koukl For more stories of atheists and skeptics converting to Christianity, visit www.sidebstories.com Episode Transcript   Hello, and thanks for joining in. I’m Jana Harmon, and you’re […]

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