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The Side B Podcast is a story-driven, conversational podcast that helps listeners understand why people dismiss or believe in God and Christianity. Interviewing one former atheist each show, host Jana Harmon encourages both Christians and skeptics to consider what motivates thoughtful, intelligent people to move from disbelief to belief.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Dismantling Caricatures, Building Informed Faith - Mike Bird's Story

    Former atheist Dr. Mike Bird tells his story of moving from a culturally-informed skepticism and caricatured Christianity to finding that perhaps his presumptions were mistaken. You can find out more about Mike here: Twitter: @mbird12 Blog: Books: The New Testament in Its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature, ...


  2. Disproving Christianity, Finding Belief - Robert Kunda's Story

    We presume we are right and correct in our beliefs. But, sometimes we are challenged to consider why we believe what we do. In today's podcast, former atheist Robert Kunda takes a closer look at his atheistic presumptions, opening him to new ...


  3. Questioning Atheism After 9/11 - Brian Causey's story

    Stunned by events of 9/11, financial trader Brian Causey finds his beliefs about life after death lacking and sets off in a search for answers.   Brian's book: Trading Gods - A Rationale for Faith Brian's blog:   Brian's recommended resource: Mere Christianty by ...


  4. I Believe in Science - Bruce Blackshaw's Story

    Can the thinking person believe in God? In today's episode Bruce tells his story of moving from atheism as informed by science to a rational Christian faith that informs both science as well as the most profound questions of life. You can find out more about Bruce through his blog Philosophical ...


  5. From Nihilism & Psychedelics to Faith - Ashley Lande's Story

    Former skeptic Ashley declared herself an atheist as a young woman. Dissatisfied with atheistic nihilism, she turned to psychedelics and mysticism in her search for something more. Her longing eventually led her to reconsider God.   Ashley ...