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The Side B Podcast is a story-driven, conversational podcast that helps listeners understand why people dismiss or believe in God and Christianity. Interviewing one former atheist each show, host Jana Harmon encourages both Christians and skeptics to consider what motivates thoughtful, intelligent people to move from disbelief to belief.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Running from God - Ted Cabal's story

    We're all searching for something to satisfy us and sometimes that's hard to find. In today's episode, Dr. Ted Cabal's wandering journey led him the long way home to a Person who had been waiting for him all along.     You ...


  2. Intellectual Journey Towards God - Philip Vander Elst's story

    There is often a presumption that religion is irrational, far from truth and reason. In today's episode, Philip Vander Elst describes his "journey of discovery" from atheism to an intellectually-grounded Christian belief. Find out more about Philip and his writings at Recommended resources ...


  3. No Need for God - Warren Prehmus' Story

    Former atheist Warren Prehmus thought he had all that life had to offer until a turn of events sparked reconsideration of what might be missing. But, the answers were not coming from a place or position that he wanted to believe. Warren found himself ...


  4. Apatheism to Strong Belief - Mary Jo Sharp's story

    Apatheism is a word to describe someone who doesn't believe in God and thinks religion is irrelevant to life. In today's episode Mary Jo Sharp tells her story of moving from apatheism to a strong belief in God that informs all of her life. Learn more about Mary Jo Sharp at ...


  5. History Confirms Christianity - Frank Federico's story

    Many people think the stories in the bible are mere myth and legend.  As a historian, so did Frank.  In today's episode he talks about moving from a skeptical view of Christianity to one which changed the whole of history as well as his own life. ...