Celebrating Two Years of Side B Stories

Celebrating Two Years of Side B Stories
Side B Stories
Celebrating Two Years of Side B Stories

Oct 31 2022 | 00:05:16

Episode October 31, 2022 00:05:16

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Jana Harmon

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For two years, we’ve been sharing stories of atheist and skeptics’ journeys from disbelief to belief in God and Christianity. Thank you for listening and joining us along this journey.


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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 00:00:02 Hello, I'm Jan Harmon, host of Side Be Stories podcast and we are celebrating our two year anniversary. We continue to be grateful for all of you who've been listening to these compelling stories of skeptics and atheists. Turning from disbelief towards belief in God is real and Christianity as true. You are among many from all around the world who are tuning in 36 countries in counting. This is truly amazing. We are incredibly grateful to you. Thank you for continuing to listen and be inspired by these stories of dramatic life change. If you're a curious skeptic, we, we hope these stories have opened the door for you to genuinely explore towards God and that you can see that intelligent and good people become followers of Christ for solid reasons. Perhaps they've given you a deeper understanding of the profoundly true nature of the Christian worldview, that it gives the best answers to the biggest questions we all ask. Speaker 1 00:01:04 As Matt, a listener in the US said in his review, each person here has a powerful story to tell and how their thinking has fundamentally changed about God, about Jesus Christ, about life and reality. If you, as a curious skeptic want to speak with a former atheist from our podcast, if you have questions, we have developed a skeptic connection network. In order to access this resource, connect with one of us on our side B Stories contact page, and we will get you in touch with someone who can best answer your questions. If you're a Christian, we hope that these testimonies have given you a greater understanding of those who don't believe and some insight on how best to engage and encourage them to seriously consider Christ. As another reviewer said, as a Christian, it can be quite disheartening to hear of Christians losing their faith. Speaker 1 00:02:04 It seems these stories are all too common and given quite a bit of air time. That is why this podcast is so important to hear the other side and to know that there are reasonable people who see all the same answers to all the same questions and land on the side of Christianity. We would love to hear how these stories have impacted you as well. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or send us your thoughts via our website side b stories.com. Now, let's take a moment to look back at our side B stories journey. Our first side B Stories episode dropped two years ago on October 30th, 2020, and it seems that so much has happened since then and we have much to celebrate. These first 53 stories have garnered more than 200,000 listens. For those of you who are sports fans, think of the largest sports arena in your area and how many people that might hold in. Speaker 1 00:03:02 In my area that's around 90,000, we are humbled that the number of listeners to Sibe Stories episodes have more than doubled the seats in that stadium. We steadily remain in the top 1% of global ranking of all podcasts worldwide. Again, we are so thankful for your constant support, wonderful ratings and reviews, and for spreading the word. Six months ago, we launched our sibe Stories website, which provides access to the podcast, but also to other atheist conversions, short videos, as well as resources recommended or written by those former atheists and skeptics on from this podcast. Again, if you're a curious skeptic and you want to connect with our new Skeptic Connection Network, uh, please contact us on our Sibe Stories contact page. You can also access SI stories through our YouTube channel, dedicated Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter to keep in the loop on all of our latest content. Speaker 1 00:04:08 We would love to hear more from you, more feedback, more suggestions, and even more stories. If you are someone you know has an intriguing journey of skeptic or atheist conversion to Christianity, please let us know. We're always looking for those whose lives have been changed by encountering the truth and reality of God. Again, contact us through our sibe Stories website or Facebook page For that. Before I go, I'd like to take a moment to recognize my amazing producer, Ashley Decker and audio engineer Mark Rosea for their fantastic work and of course the CS Lewis Institute for sponsoring us. This is a team effort and this podcast would not be possible without them. Again, thank you for helping us to celebrate our two year anniversary. You are truly wonderful listeners and we appreciate you. We look forward to bringing you more stories from our podcast in this coming year. As we hear how more skeptics and atheists flip the record of their lives.

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